To Quit Smoking Or Not Quit Smoking? That’s The Question.

Ready to quit smoking? Ads like this keep people hooked.As a smoker, deep down inside we know we “should” quit smoking. We’re not blind or stupid to the fact that smoking cigarettes is not the healthiest thing to do in the world.

And we’re also not blind to the fact that there are over 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes either – with a large number being proven to cause cancer. We get it. Even though friends and family nag us constantly and the anti-smoking ads on TV, radio, and billboards scream at us, we choose to ignore it all. NONE of that will ever get us to stop smoking cigarettes. The media may be successful in educating people not to start smoking – but certainly not getting smokers to quit.

As a smoker, we smoke by choice at first. For some it may be socially; others curiosity. But at some point you get hooked by the cigarette company and before you know it, cigarettes have become a critical part of you – a smoker becomes who you are by your own and others label and definition.

If you’ve been smoking for awhile, there are probably dozens, if not a hundred reasons why you smoke. I sure had a list of all the typical reasons as well.

When I quit smoking using the Kill Your Best Friend method to stop smoking 15 months ago, I certainly didn’t want to quit. I loved smoking cigarettes. They were a critical part of my daily routine. Without them I would feel lost, fear, anxiety, and many other chemically-induced emotions that ensured that I was always within arms reach of my pack of cigarettes.

Beyond that, I had reached the conclusion that I would always be a smoker. And to be honest, I was OK with that fact. It was who I had been for 20 years.

The handful of attempts in the past to quit smoking were complete failures. It never lasted long because I was using all the same methods everyone else uses to attempt to quit smoking for good. But to take it a level deeper, I was using what I thought I needed to put an end to smoking cigarettes forever – and that was motivation.

Now that I am 15+ months cigarette-free, I have had more than enough time to analyze exactly how I was able to stop by testing out a somewhat strange method that came to me over a couple of nights – which has now become the Kill Your Best Friend method. And do you want to know the craziest thing about it? I had little to ZERO motivation to quit. I certainly didn’t have much of a desire to quit smoking. And I wasn’t psyching myself up to ‘give it a go’ and actively try to quit smoking. All of the factors that many others say are critical to stopping smoking forever were not even on the radar.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter why you started smoking or why you smoke now. All that matters is HOW you quit. And I can teach you the HOW… Soon.