Stop smoking? Me? Never In Your Life.

“I wish you would stop smoking”, my wife said no less than 1,000 times since I’ve known her. My reply was always something like, “I will someday”, or “I’m getting ready to”, or “I will”. This was almost always followed up by her asking me, “WHEN!?” and I would use every trick in the book to change the subject.

The truth was, even through that I had 1,000 reasons why I knew I should quit smoking, I didn’t want to. At all. Deep down I loved smoking cigarettes. They were my life. And although it bothered me that it bothered my wife, I still chose to smoke – for many years. And to be honest, I had no plans on quitting. I had really accepted that I was a smoker, has always been a smoker, and will always be a smoker.

After all, I’m not a quitter – especially when it came to my cigarettes.

It’s funny looking back at my smoking life now. 20 whole years. And even though it’s been 15 months since I quit smoking cigarettes for good, it’s so easy to see where I went wrong in my few failed attempts to quit smoking in the past. And it is so easy to understand how I became so trapped in my own little world filled with cigarette smoke. However, back when I was a smoker, there was nothing in the world that you could do to get me to see any of this. Nothing.

And there’s a very good reason for that. It’s the same exact reason all smokers can’t see what everyone sees. And I go into this in great detail in my book, “Kill Your Best Friend” that shows you exactly how to stop smoking.

As I near the final stages of editing my book, I’m getting excited – but also nervous at the same time. Will the tobacco industry deny what I disclose? Will cigarette manufacturers attempt to suppress this book? It will be interesting to see what happens…

But honestly, all I care about is helping thousands – hell, millions of people around the world quit smoking once and for all, even if they have no desire, motivation, or intention ever doing so. I believe those who actually want to smoking (is that even possible?) will find this method being “the” way they quit smoking forever.

I know the secret – and it’s almost time for me to share it with the world.

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