Smoking Cigarettes Cost Me Success In Life And Business

As an on again off again entrepreneur and previous pack-a-day+ closet smoker of 20 years, it is clear to me that I robbed myself of success in business and in life.

All that time spent smoking instead of marketing and building something of value for the world lost. Ugh.

Instead of smoking my life away, I could have hosted a podcast, created more content, published some books, done more with social media, created training programs, read more books, ran with some of the invention ideas I’ve had over the years, launched new businesses, and of course, spent more time with my family.

The bottom line, I could have provided my family and myself a much better lifestyle. I not only robbed myself, but I robbed my family from the life that they deserve. I feel that I have come up very short in multiple areas because I put cigarettes #1 in my life. And to be honest, that pisses me off beyond belief if I allow myself to relive this.

However, I no longer dwell on this. It’s pointless to live in the past and holds you back, right? Today, I am more excited about my future since I have broken free from all the lies, deception, control, and addiction that a cigarette company did everything they could to keep me locked into.

Today, instead of focusing on the past, I focus on my FREEDOM and what I can do with a clearer head and more time. And if you smoke, it is my greatest wish for you to experience this freedom as well.

Cigarettes robbed me of who I truly could have become by now. Do you feel the same way? If you smoke, have you ever thought about this before?

If you currently smoke cigarettes, I bet the answer is no. I would have also said no for 20 years because for many reasons.

I believe the chemical alterations made in your brain from smoking act as blinders. I see and realize so much more today than when I smoked. It’s remarkable and indescribable how it feels. It’s amazing.

Shortly after I quit smoking, I took inventory on my new life. I awoke with the realization that I sat with dozens and dozens of business ideas stuck in Evernote, in notebooks, and on my computer. Many of them came to me while smoking over the years — but because I was going outside at least 20 times a day to smoke, I didn’t have the time to work on a very large percentage of them.

However, since I quit smoking in July, 2014, I’ve been cranking away on many projects. And the latest is my upcoming book, “Kill Your Best Friend”.

The book, “Kill Your Best Friend” details my highly personal story about how I was able to finally quit smoking for good using two strange questions that somehow popped into my head, which I then used as a springboard to quit smoking the next day.

This was accomplished with no motivation, inspiration, or even the want to quit smoking.

My book will launch on Kickstarter in January 2016, God willing. If you smoke, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on this journey and to download my free report, “Is There Really Life After Quitting Smoking”.