Shocking & Devastating News: Millions Are Killed Every Single Day.

Photo of a pile of cigarette butts next to the road.Each and every single day I’m outside, I see the absolute horror almost everywhere I look. Whether you’re walking down a sidewalk, on a road, or even on a path in the woods, you’ll spot dozens, even hundreds of dead cigarette butts laying on the ground.

Everyday, millions upon millions of cigarettes are tossed away when the owners of them toss them out a window or onto the ground when they are finished with them. This is mass murder (and litter) on a grand scale.

As much as we hate to see these cigarette butts litter the ground and poison the earth, the worse part about this is that the previous owner of that very cigarette butt you just saw reached for another cigarette not too long after and repeated the process. This habitual murdering of cigarettes is something that can last for weeks, months, years, decades, and even for their entire lives.

But what if…

What if there was a way to kill your best friend once and for all? What if you could toss that cigarette aside, put it out, crush it, step on it, or whatever means you normally use to kill your best friend, and have it be your last time EVER? There is… and you can…

More soon.