Quitting Smoking With No Motivation To Do So?

Is quitting smoking with no motivation really possible? To my shocking surprise, I can tell you that the answer is a resounding YES. I can say this with absolute conviction for the fact that I was able to quit smoking cigarettes after 20 years using the Kill Your Best Friend method that came to me one faithful evening.

And I had no motivation to quit smoking.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that I remember having the thought while driving, “I’m a smoker, I’ll always be a smoker, it’s just who I am.” Sure, there are some motivating factors in your life that you (or others) think is good enough reason to quit smoking, but you know as well as I do that it’s just never enough stop smoking forever. Motivation is short-lived – especially when it comes to smoking cigarettes.

Are you really motivated to quit smoking?

It probably depends on the day. I know how it goes. But the shocking reality is that if motivation was truly a factor in any smoker’s success to kick the habit forever, we’d all be non-smokers.

Using “motivation” to quit smoking once and for all is a myth. It’s fake! It doesn’t exist!

Sure, we can be motivated enough to attempt to quit smoking (remember New Years Eve back a few years ago?), but we always go right back to it.

Motivation means nothing when it comes to smoking besides the fact that you are motivated to buy more cigarettes when you’re running low. That’s basically the only way motivation and smoking are connected.

Now let me ask you, if there was a method that you could easily implement that required no motivation, no inspiration, and no real desire to actually quit smoking… but it actually made you quit smoking, would you at least take look it at? You know, for future reference?

In my book, “Kill Your Best Friend”, I tell all. And believe me, this is not anything like the typical “How To Quit Smoking” book you’ll find on Amazon or your local bookstore today. What I uncovered (well, it actually came to me somehow one night while smoking) is revolutionary, new, and not what you’d expect.

I had two seemingly insignificant questions pop into my head over the course of two days that changed my life forever. I was able to quit smoking without having any real motivation or desire to do so. And for the real kicker, I wasn’t looking to quit smoking, wanting to quit smoking, and truly loved smoking!

And believe me, I absolutely loved smoking cigarettes for all the same reasons you do. But everything – and I mean everything changed for me the day that I put this method to use as a test – just to see what would happen. And to my surprise, it not only worked, but it worked beyond anything I could ever imagine.