Looking For 20 Cigarette Smokers Who Are Wiling To Give It A Shot

Ad to help people stop smokingI’m happy to announce that my book, “Kill Your Best Friend” is finally completed. Although there’s still a round of editing or two to go through, it’s 100% written and ready to be shared with a small group of people.

I’m looking for just 20 people who smoke cigarettes and are willing to give the strange method I created a shot regarding to quitting smoking. It really doesn’t matter if you have any desire or motivation to quit smoking – or even if you want to quit smoking or not.

Very shortly I will be emailing everyone who has subscribed to my newsletter (form to subscribe is above or below this post, or even on the right, depending on what device you are using to read this) and asking everyone if they would like a copy of my book at no cost.

I’ll then email everyone who responds back with the link to download my book for free. All I ask in exchange is that you start reading my book and you let me know how everything is going. As a bonus, you’ll have direct email access to me during this time, so I’d be here to answer any questions you have.

I used this method to stop smoking after smoking for 20+ years.

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Update: The launch of the Kill Your Best Friend book will be happening in January, 2016.