It’s What You Don’t Know That Can (Will) Kill You

As a smoker, I am quite certain that you can agree with the fact that information shared about the dangers of smoking cigarettes has very little, if absolutely zero effect on you. That type of information provided me with absolutely no increase in my desire or motivation to quit smoking cigarettes whatsoever. (Which at the time of me quitting smoking for good was a 0.0001 out of 100.)

Besides the typical information being shared today about all the reasons why you shouldn’t smoke, which does little to nothing for most, it does not take motivation or some inside or outside inspiration to stop smoking. If it were that easy, we would have all quit shortly after we started.

However, quitting smoking does require some knowledge – not necessarily information. Knowledge vs. information is quite different and in some ways, it is the foundation needed to kick your life controlling and destroying cigarettes to the curb indefinitely.

“Knowledge gives you power. Power gives you strength. Strength gives you force. Force gives you control.” – KYBF

You see, as a smoker, you have lost control over your own life. I know you don’t see this now. You are also denying this fact at this very moment and think I’m blowing cigarette smoke up your ass. (Pardon the pun.) But right now, you do not have the needed knowledge. And without the knowledge, you have NO power over cigarettes. And because you have NO power, you have no strength. And because you have no strength, it’s the cigarette company that has the true force, which then, in turn gives them the control.

And what does a cigarette company control? Your brain. Your thoughts. Your LIFE.

All I ask is that you allow yourself to be open to a new way of thinking, even just for a brief moment as you read, Kill Your Best Friend.  Even now, 15+ months after quitting smoking forever after being a die-hard smoker for 20 years, I still have a hard time believing that the process was truly that easy.

Why in the F didn’t this come to be years ago? Why didn’t the 2 magical questions that popped into my head that lead me down this path come to me 19 years ago? I’ll never know why it took so long. But what I do know that something is driving me to share this information with as many smokers as I possibly can. It’s quite consuming on one hand, but it is a process that I am enjoying on the other because it feels good to have another force controlling me for a change. Hell, it’s been 20 years since anything outside of cigarettes has driven me, honestly.

Today, what motivates me and keeps me awake at night is knowing that each and every single smoker in the world (including you) has exactly what it takes to quit smoking cigarettes forever as quickly as tomorrow… even if you have zero desire to do so and absolutely love smoking cigarettes and put them before anything and everything in your life like I did.

I will need some assistance….

I’m going to need a lot of help getting this book out there. Every smoker in the world needs this book in their hands. Because once they have it, it’s not a matter of if they will quit smoking, I’m 100% confident it will be just a matter of when they quit. The seeds will be planted – by design.

It’s my book VS. not only millions of other books screaming for attention, but the real battle will be this book versus the multi-billion dollar cigarette companies.

They owned me for 20 years.

They robbed me from a LOT in life.

And the entire time I was blind and deaf to all of it because my brain was altered – by design.

And the best way I can get back at them for what they did to me and so many people close to me is going after their best customers and freeing them from their chemically-controlled prison.

One book at a time… I have to remind myself.

I feel like I’m about to embark on a million mile journey walking backwards, uphill, and in a snowstorm.

However, knowing that I was able to successfully quit smoking cigarettes and break free from the brainwashing and control, I realize now that I can accomplish anything and everything I wish. I now have true freedom… And it is true personal freedom that is my greatest wish for all of those who are trapped in cigarette prison right now.