Intoxicated By 4,000 Chemicals Thanks To Cigarettes

Stop SmokingAs a smoker, having thousands of chemicals flooding our brain becomes the new “normal” when it comes to both how we feel and what our body becomes accustomed to operating from. And when we don’t have a cigarette for a while, suddenly we get irritable, and that strange urge in our stomach and head that we “need a cigarette” kicks into high gear.

Believe me – those urges are not just the cells in your body screaming for nicotine. They are screaming for that chemical cocktail that was entirely designed by the cigarette companies to make you feel that way. Yes, nicotine is addictive, but by itself it does not create those massively intense desires, cravings, and mood swings like cigarettes do.

Cigarettes take addiction to a whole new level.

Keep in mind that I am saying the above from absolute truth and from actual personal experience from having gone though all of this myself. This isn’t theory. Actual physical withdrawal from nicotine alone and withdrawal “pains” from cigarettes are and feel completely different. (If you have ever tried quitting cold turkey without any ninja-style mind-hacking tricks for your brain, you know those extreme cigarette cravings very well.)

Think about this for a moment…

When do you truly feel normal?

It’s right after you smoked a cigarette, right? And think back to a time when you had to go awhile without a cigarette. I’m talking many hours or even half the day. Did you feel “normal” then?

Of course you didn’t. Nearing the end of that long period of time without a smoke, you were getting close to the point of doing anything for a cigarette. All the cells in your mind and body were screaming for you to feed them what they so desperately needed.

So finally, you get outside after a long time without a cigarette, grab one out of the pack, put it into your mouth, light it, take a long drag, and then a longer than normal inhale. Then shortly after your exhale, you take another drag.

After several puffs, the thousands of chemicals flood your system, you feel that slight buzz, and you’re back to feeling “normal” again. But not just any normal – you feel like yourself again. Sound familiar?

This “normal” feeling of course, the chemically induced “normal” that cigarette manufacturers created in order to keep us smokers hooked on their product. Being intoxicated by 4,000 chemicals has become your new baseline. And that, my friends, is just one of many dozens of traps and forms of mind control cigarette companies use via the chemicals and chemical combinations to keep you hooked and coming back for more – No. Matter. What.

Cigarettes are truly the largest deception of humankind.

I was blind, but now I see. I personally escaped from their trap. And believe me, they have hundreds of traps set to ensure you always come back to smoking cigarettes because after all, they own you and at the same time… they are your best friend.

This is only scratching the surface… More to come.