Brand New “Quit Smoking” Report Available

Life After Quitting Smoking Cover FrontA lot has been happening behind the scenes here to gear up for the launch for the Kill Your Best Friend book on Kickstarter January, 2016.

First, besides launching a brand new Kill Your Best Friend website, continuing to work on the book, I created a free report titled, “Is There Really Life After Quitting Smoking?”.

The idea for this report came to me while going through my book for the 4th time to ensure that I haven’t missed anything. And you know, it’s funny… The more time I spend working on my book, myself, etc. the more “ah-ha” moments continue to flow to me.

One such moment was that I had a lot of fear when it came to quitting smoking. And after I spent some time boiling it down, one of my biggest fears was what life would be like for me if I quit smoking.

In some ways, I was afraid of real life because smoking had become my life. I was literally controlled by cigarettes.

Whether it was done this way by design or not, something tells me that I couldn’t be the only smoker in the world that had this fear. However, on the flip side, I also know that most, if not all smokers even know that they have this fear.

Now it wasn’t anything that I consciously thought about – ever. It wasn’t like I had the thought that I was afraid to quit smoking because I just couldn’t imagine my life without smoking and cigarettes, and that scared me. That never came to me while I was a smoker.

In fact, there are dozens, probably more like hundreds of things that didn’t come to me while I was a smoker. But now that I’m a non-smoker, I’m being flooded by them. Surely the chemicals didn’t do anything to my brain/thoughts when I was a smoker, right?

Anyway, I go into more details about this and so much more in my new, free report. Check it out when you have some time and I very much welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

I want to make 100% sure that I’m not missing anything in the “Kill Your Best Friend” book. Hence why I’m diving into round #5 of reading my book and editing it… Right now. 🙂