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Kill Your Best Friend



About The Author Of, Kill Your Best Friend

Instead of taking the normal route of an "about" page and say that I live in Texas with my wife and son, and that I've done this, that, and everything else in my life, let's dive a little deeper here.


I'm not very proud of how I lived my life for 20 years. Or how I lied about my smoking to my wife hundreds of times, or even how I lied to myself hundreds of thousands of times. The fact that I smoked during the first 5 years of my son's life is one of my least proudest times of my life.

Basically I made a mistake and paid for it for two decades. And that mistake was simply becoming a smoker.

You see, my 20 years of smoking cost me my health, finances, businesses, time, family, relationships, spiritually, and hurt countless other areas of my life. 20 years of a pack-a-day - or more. I screwed up.

I can never get that time back. For more than half of my life, smoking was just who I was. It was how I defined myself: A classic closet smoker that smoked at least a pack a day.

And honestly, I didn't have much of a choice because cigarettes literally controlled my life... my entire life.

When I finally quit smoking in July 2014, it wasn't because I found some deeply seeded motivation to quit smoking. Nor was I inspired by anything that I had seen, heard, or read.

I had honestly accepted that smoking cigarettes was just a part of me that would never go away, no matter how many times I told my friends and family that I would quit... someday.

Previous attempts to quit lead to nothing but frustration with the process, myself, and I believed that I was a happier more fulfilled person because of cigarettes. Can you relate?

In July, 2014, I had a life-defining moment one evening that will be burned into my memory for as long as I live. Over the course of two days, while smoking a cigarette (of course) two simple questions about smoking appeared to me completely out of the blue that changed my life forever.

I honestly have no idea where these questions came from or why/how they popped into my head. I certainly was not motivated, inspired, or even wanted to quit smoking.

It wasn't even on my mind. I was a happy smoker and I loved my secret smoking life as a closet smoker.

Of course, I knew I "should" stop smoking, like every long-time smoker, but rarely ever has a smoker stopped smoking because they should. And not many smokers have been successful quitting because they were motivated or inspired to quit. It takes something much, much deeper for most people to quit for good.

The two questions that came to me in July 2014, and the life-altering events that followed, led me down a path of quitting smoking forever.

The process was far easier than any smoker could comprehend unless they go through it themselves.

In fact, it was almost too easy, believe it or not. I was able to quit smoking after 20 years in just one day. I honestly had a hard time believing that I had become a non-smoker for quite some time. But as time pressed on, I finally realized that I was truly 100% finished with cigarettes.

And before I knew it, I finally felt what true freedom feels like.

The "Kill Your Best Friend" book

I have a lot of motivation and reasons why I decided to write this book. First and foremost, this book is for myself.

That's right - I'm jumping to the beginning of the line here!

I had put cigarettes as #1 in my life for 20 years. Over my friends, family, business, and even myself. I allowed them to control me in every way imaginable.

This is my little celebration and present to myself to give my all into a project that is near and dear to my heart. And to celebrate my freedom, I'm managing this entire project from A to Z.

From writing the book, cover design, website, blogging, creating and managing the social media posts and graphics, handling all the marketing, basically everything that goes into writing and self-publishing a book from A to Z with some added spice. A bit of a weird celebration, right?

All of which I'm doing while investing just a couple hours a day for the most part. And all of which on a shoestring budget as I'm not associated with any publishing company.

I feel it is important for me to have full ownership on each and every piece of this project because in my own weird way - this is my way of getting back at the cigarettes that owned me for 20 years. More directly, like all smokers, I was owned by the cigarette company.

Shortly after I quit smoking, I started investing the two hours a day that I was spending smoking cigarettes into projects that cigarettes kept me away from. For the first few months, I read a lot of books and got more organized in my life.

Now my concentration is to work on various projects and ideas that have been sitting there for years collecting dust because cigarettes got in my way. Out of dozens and dozens of ideas, I felt the time was right to write the "Kill Your Best Friend" book. I had to no choice. It had to be written - millions of people need to claim their lives back.

This Is For You, Fellow Smoker.

The second, most important reason I'm writing this book, is for you. My hope and dream is that this book wakes you up and eventually the many other smokers who are stuck in a cigarette coma, like I was for so many years.

I know how to quit smoking without using all the traditional methods many of us have attempted and failed at time and time again. I truly want to help you and I am 100% convinced that this unconventional (and even a bit strange) method will help any smoker quit for good.

If you were anything like how I used to be, and the mere thought of quitting smoking makes you smoke more, especially if you set a quit date (which rarely ever works), you're really going to love this method to quit smoking.

In fact, regardless if you are a closet smoker, social smoker, casual smoker, smoke just a few cigarettes a day, two packs a day, if you're trying to quit, don't want to quit, none of that matters. The Kill Your Best Friend book can make you quit smoking.

My hope is that my book will provide you with an awakening that will ultimately lead you to a new life that is filled with absolute freedom. I know being smoke-free is completely unimaginable for you right now, but this is all going to change soon. And it is nothing to be afraid of.

I killed my best friend. Photo of me.

Me attempting to have one of those cool black and white photos that make you look like a writer. *fail*

If you're a smoker, get ready for the ride of your life. I sure am. If your not a smoker, please consider following along especially if you know anyone who does smoke cigarettes. I'll need your help reaching out to them shortly.

Either way, I invite you to get onto my newsletter list via the home page. I believe that I will have something for everyone on this journey.


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